Football…hubba. I mean “soccer”

someone make a music video with #JustAddZebras

lyrics are to the beat of Focus The Truth’s “City of Angels”.  Thanks jah son so vibe with me. #LiveDieRepeat

uhh uhh feel my vibes cause eyes are watering from their lies.

don juan is the john doe insight that rights my flow

pardon my interruption but call my young don willlies bonnet

flow of a new soul mines on the goal overdosed on dro hit the woodwork on a sonnet

phooty is my game the beauty of the game the claim to my fame

hear to crush the stereotypes like lebrons orange sprite

got all the facts that sprite aint black yet even king james still has its backs

alternative universe gifted sent from above, matters of the facets is death from the dove.

wait a minute jayyy but doves been reppin up the love, got it all wrong afraid to rip a bong.

cheechy and chong will be singing along let my words be heard any my actions the shepherd.

ancient lineage has been coming full circle, been demonized like i’m some Stevie Quincy Urkle.

thanks for the power from the infinite no hower, understand the knowledge ain’t written on some ledger

meant to be interpreted which has invented my gyration cuzz we livid in the white nation.

i’m a “nigga lova” living through white private sea, gotta beat around the bush cause of guns and horsey’s

don’t fear for my fate cause i appreciate, brainstorming with 4 fathers

gpa benny found the little fellow through his own path, ben been reborn lay down eternal wraths

getting off topic gotta come full circle, sorry my fam been eating so much lettuce

say’s in god we trust such an ass in 9 thrust Pep’s irate adjusting to a new fate

fighting for the champions league cause i’m rocking wizard’s sleeves

lololol assassinate my characters been living true all acts cause n causality is my reality

father been raped by the system thinking he don’t have the power

sour patch kids cum sweet first but always end up sour.

abort your white flour and you’ll hate your “white power”

the reel slim shady is fighting for his life fighting every turn with interpreters own strife

never buy a gun cause i’m “the one” ancient sun but i do like blade so get a dope knife

gotta chase your dreams cause i’m feeling Lupe’s fiasco

the king of rock died young but allow his resurrection true is sweet insurrection

my Queen Bee had to die to realize all the lies butts family over everything gotta learn how to sing to make chingalingaling

the only way to show the game what it is all i know.

the dusty footy philosopher is my brother K’naan, understanding me more than my own blood brother.

once they understand they will feel my master’s hand cousins i’m gods rein cars nation

believe in rainy deer flying and i’ll make the garden of eden be full of all the lions.

the lying is the root of the ultimate jive turkey, thanksgiving day is a parade of all that lay

buried my heart under my wounded knee, lives are so bloody yet water still be muddy

only farms i see is the truth of pharmacy. Gov’t Mule’s had to teach me eternally.

Woody had the stitches cause i was born buzz light year’s ahead of the walking dead.

read between my lines and i’ll blow away the mimes, break em down to the root of the lions with no toot.

all part of the Kingdom yet man thinks we so entitled, take away the label and fuck the canned soup

Nas and Damian saw the light in me, as blind as eyes could be is all the lives eye’s can see.

open up your minds feel sum’s repercussions. semantics are so key so i flow rhetorically.

don’t answer my question just let it marinate quake a steak lubey as your mine will earthquake thru my feet’s goodness sake.

ballin’ so hard my label is Jayyy 2 Zzz, so now “jesus” is awaken, gotta unite against all odds to stop THE earth from quaken’

unconditional love the funny paradigm of incandescence so embrace this being my truth of fear the herbal essence.

trying to rap it up so clean it up real tidy, blue jay’s are so good and my mind is on the Congrees

spread the word on the web it’s the network of the grateful dead, cherry’s garcia is my go to club soda.

challenge all the souls to put down the bottle, let your mind disseminate for God’s sake don’t masturbate 😉

said i’d keep it clean but never loved shaving. even papa’s johns tried to conform my true vibration.

lemme get some views so i don’t need mainstream views aka gonna meet Matisyahu so i can understand the “Jews”

finger quotations are apart of conversation, sign language is beautiful but they dumb deaf or blind.

worse than all of that is getting my young bloods to press their own unmute.

ONE LOVE ya’ll, i’m hear to raw dog a system full of fog. wanna shed some light, just let me know that you BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!

Half-Time Team Talk

Sitting here with your problems

B/c mom is gone for now.

How can i make it?

my world is a quaking.

So why must everybody know?

Why everyday i die?

Cause no-one knew how i felt.

It was allright!

because I’m gr8.

Bee’s cuz my world

Is a better place

I’m gonna keep that smile

on your face

I’m gonna teach myself

2 hot to understand

Thanks Ma’ i’m  a Better Man!

Flying out my window.

Flying from the scar.

Will i am have to save me.

It’s Ubuntu from afar.

well , how am i supposed to go?

Cause we can change the world if we try.

Been falling down,

But always getting up.

We can be alright,

Gods what i say!

Just wrote a harmony but i need the speed force.

The beautiful game is my anti-drug course.

I’m vibing so hard like cisco’s ramone.

My people must know i’ve always been alone

Whats killing all my time is the inhuman crimes.

Theories a bot this, assuming all of that.

When i speed up my mind it’s spit spit splat.

Splat goes your brain, thinking i’m insane.

Never will I know the truth about your hoe.

Eden is the garden, industry must harden.

Mind so hazardous, next up is your diss.

Getting off topic thanks to graham dick and are low.

So literally i must influence my universal flow.

Songs about this, tracks about cats.

shoot up the president with your verbal GAT.

General assessed tests is laying us to rest.

Why must we assume that the world will resume.

My history has been repeated, constantly being defeated.

I’m a self proclaimed man, living through my Master’s plan.

Understand life is a game, and have a masters in your fame.

But glory is for the gods so i’m fighting all the odds.

But the stars have been aligning for the one to come through shining.

Keep flipping through the pager and everyones a rager.

Hanus when they’re anus, jimmy francos hippocampus.

Dropped out of my college to seek out real knowledge.

No disrespect to doc but he’s living through a clock.

Maybe about time to buy that long lost Glock

But won’t get a 22 cause i believe in you.

So i’m the world’s number one stunner but i need a gun runner.

So much hate in the world every day it makes me curl.

My bio is my gun so what the fuck lets have some fun.

***Mic Drop***

Jayyy 2 Zzz records coming to a store near you.

Investors…..that could have been you 😉