HAZARD: Garden of Eden

I usually would never share content from an ESPNFC article cough cough sell outs nudge nudge.  That said, this little snippet from the Golden Boy is top notch.  What a humble but graceful little bloke.  One day he might become a lethal goal-scorer and earn a Ballon D’or?? Never say never. Ever, ever.

In my semi-professional opinion, no one will ever be more electrifying than Ronaldinho was in his prime.  He was the Deion Sanders of the “phooty-sphere”.  On his day Hazard is at the same level, however, consistency remains to be the big red flag for the prodigal son.

His last remark about the ball is pure genius. At least the ball never lies!!!


“For me, the real artists are [Zinedine] Zidane and Ronaldinho. [Juan Roman] Riquelme as well for the way he moves and passes the ball,” Hazard said.

“And then there is Messi. What he does with the ball is something else. I do not see myself at that level. It is up to others to make such comments. I am not going to proclaim myself an artist like him.

Eden Hazard
Eden Hazard has scored 11 goals and provided six assists in all competitions this season.

“I just want to bring happiness to the fans. The people who come to the stadium want to enjoy themselves and see a spectacle. It is up to us, the players, to make them happy.

“I have been a creative player ever since I was a child. You cannot practice it. Of course, I have worked hard to get where I am, but it is a skill I have that I have improved. It is natural to me. But you have to do it at the right time.

“The ball is my friend. We go way back. He is my most faithful friend. I caress the ball, but that is not always easy when I dribble. I can caress it when I shoot, like Thierry Henry. I can treat the ball like a woman, like a friend, like an elderly person.”

Half-Time Team Talk

Sitting here with your problems

B/c mom is gone for now.

How can i make it?

my world is a quaking.

So why must everybody know?

Why everyday i die?

Cause no-one knew how i felt.

It was allright!

because I’m gr8.

Bee’s cuz my world

Is a better place

I’m gonna keep that smile

on your face

I’m gonna teach myself

2 hot to understand

Thanks Ma’ i’m  a Better Man!

Flying out my window.

Flying from the scar.

Will i am have to save me.

It’s Ubuntu from afar.

well , how am i supposed to go?

Cause we can change the world if we try.

Been falling down,

But always getting up.

We can be alright,

Gods what i say!

Just wrote a harmony but i need the speed force.

The beautiful game is my anti-drug course.

I’m vibing so hard like cisco’s ramone.

My people must know i’ve always been alone

Whats killing all my time is the inhuman crimes.

Theories a bot this, assuming all of that.

When i speed up my mind it’s spit spit splat.

Splat goes your brain, thinking i’m insane.

Never will I know the truth about your hoe.

Eden is the garden, industry must harden.

Mind so hazardous, next up is your diss.

Getting off topic thanks to graham dick and are low.

So literally i must influence my universal flow.

Songs about this, tracks about cats.

shoot up the president with your verbal GAT.

General assessed tests is laying us to rest.

Why must we assume that the world will resume.

My history has been repeated, constantly being defeated.

I’m a self proclaimed man, living through my Master’s plan.

Understand life is a game, and have a masters in your fame.

But glory is for the gods so i’m fighting all the odds.

But the stars have been aligning for the one to come through shining.

Keep flipping through the pager and everyones a rager.

Hanus when they’re anus, jimmy francos hippocampus.

Dropped out of my college to seek out real knowledge.

No disrespect to doc but he’s living through a clock.

Maybe about time to buy that long lost Glock

But won’t get a 22 cause i believe in you.

So i’m the world’s number one stunner but i need a gun runner.

So much hate in the world every day it makes me curl.

My bio is my gun so what the fuck lets have some fun.

***Mic Drop***

Jayyy 2 Zzz records coming to a store near you.

Investors…..that could have been you 😉