“Forgive and Forget” = Grade A MALARKEY

Suggestion from Author- Grab some tissues, I wish I had some nearby while I wrote this.

MY Theory of Relativity:

Allow me to add some relevant comedic context….

If your reaction coincidentally mirrored mine, you NEEDED to watch it at least 10 times.  Yes, some might view that as cruel humor, nonetheless, that is HILARIOUS!

Learn from Sid.  The philosophical parellels are overwhelming.

Now that I have your attention…… (hey, one can only hope!)

Through my families journey through the unknown realm of grief, we simultaneously became full-time archeologists.  If you have ever been in our house, you are aware that “our digging site” cannot be circumvented.  That has become a simple fact in all aspects of MY life.   Fortunately, I have been granted the opportunity through my newfound UNIVERSAL lens that I call philosophy. Ultimately though, MY life experiences molded me into the man that I am in my current reality.  With that said, one of  “My Pillars of Truth”, is undoubtedly derived from understanding the pros and cons of circumvention.

Here’s an example from my life:

Today is the anniversary of when my grandfather left our realm.  Below is a poem that my PaPa Benny shared to his Troop 834 and respective families of Dundalk, Maryland, circa 1970.  I’m not sure about the origins of the poem, that fact has become obsolete to my truth.  My truth of the matter is simple- One can simply never suppress their history, YOU HAVE TO OWN IT.

So, here I am. I am owning MY TRUTH and my purpose has become crystal clear.  I am constantly learning from other people’s interpretations and perspectives of life.  While the indivudal structures in my brain symbiotically interact via nuerons, my tear ducts become swollen through pure ecstasy.  Let me explain…. As ridiculous as it might sound and for whatever primitive reason, I never fully forgave him for dying when I was barely alive.  I carried this invisible burden throughout my whole life while ironically embracing my Mom’s nickname for me.  Now I universally understand the magnitude of why I am “Little Benny”.

A Little Fellow Follows Me

A careful man i want to be,

A little fellow follows me

I do not dare to go astray

For fear he’ll go the self same way

I cannot once escape his eyes

What’er he sees me do he tries

Like me he says he’s going to be

That little chap who follows me

He thinks that I am good and fine

Believes in every work of mine

The base in me he must not see

That little chap who follows me

I must remember as I go

Through the summer’s sun and winter’s snow

I’m building for the years to be

That little chap who follows me.

In closing,

I forgive you Papa but you must know that you ARE NOT forgotten.  Your energy and love is coursing through my veins and because of this, I have found my meaning of life.  So I simply thank you for knowing YOUR truth.

Lastly, here’s a poem I just thought of.


I don’t know why we say “RIP”

Because I know my TRUTH.

It’s Theory of Relativity.

Is that food on your tooth?

Always with love,


Please share if it moves you. GOOD can conquer EVIL!!!!!!!!!!

“I’m coming out…I want the world to know….” Thanks Diana, I’ll take it from here!

FULL DISCLOSURE: My intentions were to never talk about politics so PLEASE don’t hate me when it comes up lol. I can’t control the power of the human connection!!!!

I’m only an INDIVIDUAL.

Good Morning World!  I’m Ron Borgundy?? Oh Shit!!!! Will Someone fix the telepromter!!!!

Ahhhhh much better.  Here we go.

I’m not this label or that stereotype because I refuse to conform to what “the system” would prefer me to do.  That strictly goes against MY beliefs and through my experiences, acting on preconceived notions rarely ever panned out well.  I am simply an individual.  At face value, that statement seems straightforward.  However, it is certainly a paradox. Once you TRULY discover who you are as an individual, I believe you will find YOUR TRUTH.  Out of curiousity I implore you to honestly ask yourself……1. why is it our ill-conceived notion to instantly judge when WE ALL do it coincidentally with each other?  2. Why is jealousy so easily felt? 3.Why are soooo many that would be perceived as to have reached the pinnacle of success in their respective “careers” still yearning for happiness?  These ideas seem like such primitive issues, but yet here I am, another sleepless night in 2017.  I’m not mad about it anymore because I’ve accepted that I have absolutely zero control of my past.  I concisely point that out because if you’ve encountered me in person this last month or so, I know I’ve been a tough pill to swallow.  I just cant help being consumed by MY TRUTH.  Lately I’ve been in constant wonder about these questions.  I have some theories but nonetheless, just theories, and I’m all ears if you have the answers.  We as humans must search deep inside of ourselves to have any chance of discovering the authentic individual that lies deep within.  I can attest that it likely will be a struggle, but all things that are good in life, derive from conquering evil.

That’s what I believe in. That is MY TRUTH

Some food for thought as reference for some of the pillars to MY TRUTH and a few quotes that simply picked themselves



  •  individual > individuality/individualism… take notes from THE Sadhguru
  • science – the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment


As I was wrapping up this post, I opened youtube in search of my next inspiration.  I kid you not,  the first video recommended to me was a clip from CNN’s segment “The Messy Truth with Van Jones” that aired last night.  Sidenote: if you “knew” me, you’re probably thinking to yourself, why in the this vast universe would youtube be recommending a CNN clip to Jason? I’d say to you, it’s strictly because my main man and potentially my new boss, Bill Maher made an appearance! Hey, it doesn’t hurt to dream right? LOL!  Woops, I digress.  Where was I….AHHH yes. I was saying, WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!  We must unite as a species against the current evils that are truly threatening our livelihood. And make no mistake, these evils are lingering all around us folks.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so, with that said…..





Life A.D: How I regained “control” of my life

To Whom it May Concern.

My life used to be different. I don’t mean different in the sense that certain loved ones existed then. For example, my best friend Brian, my cousin Lizzy, and most recently the G.O.A.T of Mothers.  I mean, I used to be depressed. Some days it would be mild, some days uncontrollable to the point that the voice in the back of my head kept saying, “Is today the day?”  I was broken and angry and I lacked any notion of self-worth. I would get angry over the pettiest of things.  FINALLY, after 6+ years of apathy,  I said that enough is enough and began to do some unorthodox soul-searching.  

This was obviously a subjective process, however, hearing other people’s stories creates a connected feeling among us and reminds you that you ARE NOT alone.  I truly believe the only way to achieve true happiness, you must struggle. Take notes from the phoenix and I implore you to RISE FROM THE ASHES!!!!

Below is my “rough” outline of my long journey but before you dive in, I give you a quote from Warren Buffet that resonated with me.

“It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes.”

  • First and Foremost, Simply Endure
    • Initially ditch the big-picture mentality — I cannot stress enough the importance of eliminating unnecessary stress during the introduction to raw grief.
    • Adopt a day-by-day mentality — Some days you’ll feel helpless, alone, and/or empty.  Remind yourself tomorrow is another day.
    • Embrace the magnitude of grief and understand that you WILL struggle.  There is no getting around it. PERIOD
      • It contradicts the rigid pride of mankind, however, you must be willing to ask for help. Being vulnerable doesn’t devalue your spirit, it’s quite the contrary.  Letting your guard down requires courage, not weakness.
    • FEEL. You must allow yourself to experience all the feelings. Fighting to suppress them is a constant uphill battle. And NO, crying doesn’t make you a “pussy”. Why this is programmed into our mentality? That I have yet to understand.
  • Research the human experience
    • Eliminate all preconceived notions and re-evaluate pre-existing values and belief system
    • Research the power and dangers of dogmatism.  Lack of evidence-based beliefs is likely to be our apocalypse… before you cast stones, it’s just a theory!
    • Adopt an extreme ideology. Yes, this sounds silly.  With that said, it’s certainly possible to be an “extremist” without causing physical harm to humanity.  For example: ditch processed foods, they are designed to kill you. Just saying 😉
    • Understand the problems with institutions and how consistently corrupt they can be. In layman’s terms, I truly believe we are essentially caging our “natural” existence. Rest assured though, there are proven ways to be “Neo and break from “The Matrix”
  • Re-establish a foundation of FIRM yet RATIONAL beliefs
    • Determine what ACTUALLY matters to you. Honesty is key because I believe this is essential in discovering your true passions.
      • Trust me, consumerism DOESN’T matter.  It simply magnifies any pre-existing void you have
      • Abandon the narcissistic  notion of “Money over everything”. Money is the root of all evil and will never make you feel true happiness
    • Experiment with your passions, and in doing so, I believe you can discover your “purpose” in life

AGAIN, considering the shamefully litigious society we exist in, I remind you that these are MERELY suggestions.  

Take it for what it’s worth. If I somehow inspire a single individual, my goal is achieved.

Always with love,