CBD aka Cannibal Bane Disorderly

All right all right

it’s about the flow just gotta Clear My Throat

Center Centered Disease easy E Control

one more puff of this medical grade

makes me want to throw up in my brain

up so high cyan real guy

Feel The Beat let’s all see 3


Made It SoundCloud voice so loud

close your eyes and press enter

the strong will only see through you

won’t name drop that’s not my game

hate the players of your dame

cover the mic hip hop the right

Call me Julie yes I Remember the Titans

close your eyes and look Within


cuz Only the Strong will continue

I know you had it in you

but you just have to let me explode

my roots so deep I only see sheep

everybody see sweet so funny to me

can’t go against it current so strong

maybe Mom was wrong never hit the song

Speak of Mother Earth the whole quick shirts

whole quickshirts my troop get up

but you had to piss your cut

flow so strong come sing a long

come see me and I’ll see you

all the voices I hear or are you


Close your eyes and plus sweet pea

never been sold eternally

slow it down and press repeat

repent your mind’s eye see all mine

let’s all live through one fun guy

don’t name-drop I hate the label

stereotype your f****** soul

Pastor Rick to prove your dicks

that’s not his name Fofo show

the true internship

everybody sees my s***

thank you after Rick photo

my flow is eternal now you know

if I close my eyes you will not know

what’s going on in my deep fryer

nothing anymore so higher

everything is in control

first you have to say no no

I need to find my soul

that’s at least what she said

now I’m see Young Living Dead

that’s not my true name though

call me Negan you’re my bro

sweet going to say my goodness yoooooo

everybody come along

but you want to feel my song

my voice hurts so much mister mister

if I feel in my words bro it will f***** up my not true

sorry to curse my true father now I can see the other

and you will know

heads or tails let’s go bro

why must I lie to Bri

thank you for third eye blind

Google try to tell me know

close my eyes and you say no

Author: Bee's Jayyy

I'm just a simpleton with dreams of changing the world! My sails have been adjusted and my destination has been predetermined. ONE LOVE, LOVE ALL

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