No Church In The Wild Remix

Feel the Beat, heart skipped a treat. close your eyes and take yo seat.  pause play repeat.



Human beings in a mob.

Whats a mob to a king?

Whats a king to a god?

Whats a god to a non-believer?

Who he believes in everything?


We’ll make it out alright,

All lives unite

Sucka damned wild child.


Queers on the florida bars floor

Everybody charging so fore.

Hearts buried in the beezkneez

All eyes see is a big main squeeze

Hippocratic oath found my niche

Used to love ma’s fresh made quiche.

Heroine beats.

Sweet elizabeth outran the heats

Fams see no sleek.

Shepherd 2 wolves heard the sold out world preach.

Pious is riots cause i love pilates.

Hypocrisy honor hippocrates.

Sweet aristotle, full throttle

Used to be crawling creepy now balling suites.

Poppa a contractor all i hear are beats.

Preaching true heat everyone jump out yo seat. Let’s teach.




Used to hate livin, no fire

Stand by me pleads, feel so much hire

True truth, it’s my speaker.

Livid so cryptic pacing free leader, crayy jayyys


Bloke in an arsenal kit living true amnesia.

Called out da gunners lever.

Trinity is ancient motion

Passed out a jayyy floatin on franks ocean.

U-turn keys in ignition

Everyday livid superstition

Laws against humanity, contraception.

If you’re gonna fuck over me, eye will deaf foresee.

Pass life cents was ads reel.

Screen the lights i feel

Son ben reborn through hell pill.

Call that uber man just chill.

Tomi’s dumb layer so moronic,

Making my mind feel so fortunately erotic.

Ink on my hide says “By My Side”

Polygamy show mixed with misogony

Political parties committed the minds greet.

Partisan ships made it sound so sweet.

We all die just money for the sheep.

Burn a hole in your pocket bustin wretched socket, teach.


Well make it out alive

All lives unite

Sucka damned wild child X 4

Author: Bee's Jayyy

I'm just a simpleton with dreams of changing the world! My sails have been adjusted and my destination has been predetermined. ONE LOVE, LOVE ALL

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