A Letter to “The Matrix”

             Maybe I am insane like Doc E. Pressley in “The Unit” said. Or perhaps, it’s just naturally deep inside all of our membranes.  The more I follow the trail of breadcrumbs aka the “white rabbit”, the more it becomes crystal clear what I must do.  Today in particular was a rough day for my brain.  A monsoon of white powder fell from the sky, caging me up like a lion at a zoo.  When I become confined for too long, negativity can fester like a disease in my mind.  Being falsely labeled as “mentally ill” has become an ever growing obstacle in my day to day reality.  If you’ve ever personally met me, you know that this diagnosis is a big load of bullshit.  I’ve been a “normal” functioning person in our distorted society all my life.  However, perhaps it was fate that allowed someone with my fortitude to undergo this experience.  It has allowed me to fully understand how broken our mental health system truly is.  And boy oh boy, it is truly disgusting.  My 5 days in the hospital opened my eyes wide open.  Whether it’s the “medicine” that they force down your throat, the enduring subjugation every patient must go through, or just the sheer lack of not giving a damn about your well-being.  I now know that everything has a cause and causality and I must effectively shed some light on this taboo topic.

Author: Bee's Jayyy

I'm just a simpleton with dreams of changing the world! My sails have been adjusted and my destination has been predetermined. ONE LOVE, LOVE ALL

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