Fight or Flight: Thy FREE Agent Smith

Public Enemy #theOne

psychcadelic rhymes Bee wasting all my time

yet time is all i have to barter with a mime

break the mimes barriers, and you become a little harrier 😉

harry roads are fun, like soaking up the sun.

but landing strips fright me, so they’re oversighting thee.

don’t call me a musician because i’m not there yet

rather label me The Dark Magician and yugioh will bet.

always wrestling with the turds buy using my words

turds are essential though, as where else can it go?

please somebody make a song out of this,

if not, that will be the ultimate DISS.

all i have are lines, to make me dollar signs.

yet a chorus of men answer to the mother HEN.

so hear i am a begging, for the ultimate pegging

but not that kinda pegging unless she rocking sexy leggins.

leggins should be illegal because i’m a bald eagle.

maybe thats my next step, shaving up my head.

push him around the world and Professor X will school your girl.

i need up in a studio to flaunt my raw natural Flow

Deuces….. Mic drop.

Maybe one of my dream girls will make some chorus’s and have fun with my gift for you.

aka ellie aka tove lo aka florence aka Beyonce to name a few dream girls lol.

@PhootyIsLIVID  and/or  #phootyisLIFE

Author: Bee's Jayyy

I'm just a simpleton with dreams of changing the world! My sails have been adjusted and my destination has been predetermined. ONE LOVE, LOVE ALL

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