“I’m coming out…I want the world to know….” Thanks Diana, I’ll take it from here!

FULL DISCLOSURE: My intentions were to never talk about politics so PLEASE don’t hate me when it comes up lol. I can’t control the power of the human connection!!!!

I’m only an INDIVIDUAL.

Good Morning World!  I’m Ron Borgundy?? Oh Shit!!!! Will Someone fix the telepromter!!!!

Ahhhhh much better.  Here we go.

I’m not this label or that stereotype because I refuse to conform to what “the system” would prefer me to do.  That strictly goes against MY beliefs and through my experiences, acting on preconceived notions rarely ever panned out well.  I am simply an individual.  At face value, that statement seems straightforward.  However, it is certainly a paradox. Once you TRULY discover who you are as an individual, I believe you will find YOUR TRUTH.  Out of curiousity I implore you to honestly ask yourself……1. why is it our ill-conceived notion to instantly judge when WE ALL do it coincidentally with each other?  2. Why is jealousy so easily felt? 3.Why are soooo many that would be perceived as to have reached the pinnacle of success in their respective “careers” still yearning for happiness?  These ideas seem like such primitive issues, but yet here I am, another sleepless night in 2017.  I’m not mad about it anymore because I’ve accepted that I have absolutely zero control of my past.  I concisely point that out because if you’ve encountered me in person this last month or so, I know I’ve been a tough pill to swallow.  I just cant help being consumed by MY TRUTH.  Lately I’ve been in constant wonder about these questions.  I have some theories but nonetheless, just theories, and I’m all ears if you have the answers.  We as humans must search deep inside of ourselves to have any chance of discovering the authentic individual that lies deep within.  I can attest that it likely will be a struggle, but all things that are good in life, derive from conquering evil.

That’s what I believe in. That is MY TRUTH

Some food for thought as reference for some of the pillars to MY TRUTH and a few quotes that simply picked themselves



  •  individual > individuality/individualism… take notes from THE Sadhguru
  • science – the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment


As I was wrapping up this post, I opened youtube in search of my next inspiration.  I kid you not,  the first video recommended to me was a clip from CNN’s segment “The Messy Truth with Van Jones” that aired last night.  Sidenote: if you “knew” me, you’re probably thinking to yourself, why in the this vast universe would youtube be recommending a CNN clip to Jason? I’d say to you, it’s strictly because my main man and potentially my new boss, Bill Maher made an appearance! Hey, it doesn’t hurt to dream right? LOL!  Woops, I digress.  Where was I….AHHH yes. I was saying, WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!  We must unite as a species against the current evils that are truly threatening our livelihood. And make no mistake, these evils are lingering all around us folks.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so, with that said…..





Author: Bee's Jayyy

I'm just a simpleton with dreams of changing the world! My sails have been adjusted and my destination has been predetermined. ONE LOVE, LOVE ALL

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