ABC, verse:44. Song Coming Soon.


  1. no Apologies. Wacked out anthropologies.
  2. Artisan artichokes, Accept, all you’re Blokes
  3. Why can’t we accept Biologies? Your Bibliography
  4. No College 4 Cardiology. Clinically Comparing psychology.
  5. Degree. Cliche Decree. Cryptological cypher of Duology.
  6. Everyday, Everywhere. Detonating your future Eulogy
  7. Forever i’ve been better. Dust phooty Feather.
  8. Fear monogamy, baby booming Fear-a-Moans.
  9. Makes the whole world Groan. Utterly GROW.  young Gigolo.
  10. Do you know, organically I Hoe? Hydrology, natural flow
  11. Captain Insano, Instinctively blame me. Introvertly I’m Bee
  12. Jayyy is me, Jaded i see, Justice i seek,
  13. jesus died for me, but god’s eye see’s.
  14. Kinesiology is me, Kinetically endorphin
  15. Lesbians are Living. Lively I’m sinning.
  16. Linguistically winning. Lackadaisical grinning
  17. Monogamy crazy. Meteorology hazy.
  18. Mutter, the truth butter. Metaphorical stutter
  19. Necromancing for true love. Nostalgically look above
  20. Neurologically a dove. Neurotic death is love.
  21. Oral fixated. Occipitally i’m rating.
  22. Origins are paying. Oncology slaying.
  23. Playin medically, Pharmaceuticals the key.
  24. Philosophical esophageal. Parentally comical
  25. Quintessential is the Question. Quizzing through dementia
  26. Ecologically Questing, Quantifying erotic suspension.
  27. Rhetorically the lesson, Retardation is in question.
  28. Rheumatology arthritis. Rummaging, i’m Titus.
  29. Sophisticated, sadistic, sad is the statistic.
  30. Senile politicians, Superstitious tacticians.
  31. Timmy, Tommy Chong, Tantalizing, thumb along
  32. Thumbs up bro, thermalogic, my song.
  33. Uranus so heinous. Universally Canus.
  34. Utter your words, Urbanology, inhumanness.
  35. Vein, you’re a man. Venus master plan
  36. Virological anti-virus. Germanic i’m Iris.
  37. Whimsical wonka, wiley little procta.
  38. Whey proteins, by all means.
  39. Xenophobic xylophone
  40. Xeena i can hone. XXX’s back.
  41. Y why why, always ask why.
  42. You you you, won’t understand Why.
  43. Zzzzz puts me to sleep. Zoology the sheep
  44. Zoopathology i creep, Zoopsychology i Peep.